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TOP of the best unusual experiences to live in Peru

Beyond the essential visits, Peru will surprise you!

Night in glamping or in a glass capsule in the heart of the Sacred Valley, a night under the stars at the Oasis of Moron, kayaking on Lake Titicaca, sandboarding on the Cerro Blanco dune, one of the highest in the world, inspire Our recommendations below to enrich your tailor-made travel project in Peru. Enough to create unforgettable memories!

1- Glamping in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Spend a night in a comfortable tent in the community of Misminay in the heart of the Sacred Valley where the inhabitants speak Quechua, the language of the Incas, and live according to ancestral traditions. You will be able to share the daily life and culture of your hosts who will be happy to pass on their knowledge to you.

Take advantage of this unusual experience to reconnect with nature while enjoying very comfortable facilities.

How to get there ?

The typical village of Mismimay is located near the ruins of Moray, about 1h30 from Cusco.

The tents are comfortable, with heating. You will benefit from a bathroom with hot water outside the tent.

2- Skylodge: one night in a suspended room

Live a unique experience by sleeping in a suspended glass capsule with a unique view of the Sacred Valley! You fall asleep, the valley below your feet, contemplating the Milky Way.

How to get there?

To get there, you will have to reach the village of Pachar, located between Ollantaytambo and Urubamba. 1 hour of walking will await you to reach the Slylodge. Finally, you will climb a rock wall to reach your suspended room! The rooms are plexiglass modules, suspended from the mountainside.

3- Luxury train in the heart of the Peruvian Andes

Climb aboard the Andean Explorer train for an exceptional journey. From Cusco to Lake Titicaca, you’ll cross the Peruvian Andes and enjoy mountainous landscapes from your private cabin while enjoying outstanding service.

Practical information

It is a trip of 3 days and 2 nights that awaits you.

There are several types of cabins: suite, double bed or bunk beds, the choice is yours.

Onboard, you will not see the time passing. The piano-bar car will allow you to relax while enjoying the magnificent landscapes of the Andes. Two restaurant cars are at your disposal to discover original dishes made with local products.

4- Barranco Gastronomic Tour

Peruvian gastronomy has become one of the most fashionable gastronomy thanks to the diversity of local products and the different international influences it knows.

During your trip to Peru, you will obviously taste all kinds of specialties. We invite you to discover the secrets of Peruvian gastronomy in an original way with the gastronomic tour of Barranco, the most colorful and bohemian district of Lima. Ceviche, Lomo saltado, pisco sour: you will discover all the secrets of Peruvian gastronomy!

Practical information

You leave for a 4-hour walk in Barranco with a guide who will tell you anecdotes about each of the specialties that you will have the chance to taste! Culinary demonstrations, visit a local market, and discovery of a shop specializing in the production of coffee and cocoa are on the program.

5- Kayaking on Lake Titicaca

Enjoy an unforgettable experience on Lake Titicaca and cross the highest navigable lake in the world aboard a kayak. You can then discover the floating islands of Uros or the island of Amantani from your kayak, and appreciate the calm and charm of this immense lake at the heart of many legends.

Practical information

After a few minutes by boat from Puno, you board your kayak and sail around the floating islands of Uros accompanied by a guide. There is something for all levels: several routes and durations will be offered to you according to your motivation!

6- Night under the stars at Oasis Moron

Spend a night in a tent on the edge of the Oasis Morón in the Paracas desert, a small natural pearl still very little known to tourists. And enjoy a magnificent sunset in the desert, you will be amazed!

How to get there ?

The Oasis Moron is located 1 hour drive from Paracas in the south of Peru. You will go to the village of Bernales, then you will start a 2h walk through the village and the sand dunes to reach the Oasis.

7- Horseback riding in the Sacred Valley

Discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Sacred Valley in an unusual way: on horseback. A 4-hour horseback ride from Moray, from the ancient agricultural terraces of the Inca Empire, to the Salinas de Maras!

8- Cerro Blanco and the 1,000m sandboard descent

Cerro Blanco is the highest sand dune in the world, at 2080 meters above sea level! Three hours of walking to reach the summit, and the kilometer of descent can be done by sandboard: thrills guaranteed!

Practical information

The Cerro Blanco sand dune is located 20km from the city of Nazca in southern Peru. The sand dune is surrounded by the Andes Mountains.



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