Top 4 unusual activities in the Andes in Peru!

Go and meet the communities to experience these 4 unusual activities with the locals in Peru!

 – Discover the secrets of Andean weaving

Andean textiles are of exceptional quality and delight travelers to Peru every year.

Nothing like a homestay to enjoy a weaving workshop.

You will learn the whole 100% natural process of this ancestral art of the Andes.

From the treatment of wool and its dyeing with local plants to the weaving of which each pattern has a particular meaning, you will know all the secrets of this activity, a true passion of the communities of the Andes.

 – Learn the basics of Andean gastronomy

Peruvian gastronomy is currently very fashionable all over the world, thanks in particular to the international reputation acquired by several chefs in recent years.

The secret of its success: the incredible variety of ingredients (for example the 5000 species of potatoes) as well as the many international influences (Japanese, African, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and even French) which offer an infinity of dishes to prepare, each one more delicious than the other.

Each region has a large number of specialties, and the Andes are no exception to the rule. Most communities are very proud to introduce foreigners to their know-how through their original recipes.

3  – Attend (and participate in) traditional dances by Lake Titicaca.

The region of Puno and the famous Lake Titicaca never cease to be talked about. It must be said that they have everything to seduce travelers: breathtaking landscapes, turquoise waters of the lake as far as the eye can see, and above all the preservation of traditions favored by the natural isolation of the place.

On the island of Taquile, for example, you can stay with locals who will be happy to share their daily life with you. Like, for example, their weaving method is listed as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

But it’s when the music starts to sound and the dancers appear that we appreciate all the magic of the place. The lively tunes and the colors of the costumes promise you a memorable show.

However, it is offensive for locals to refuse an invitation to dance, so don’t be shy and join the dance…

4 –  Participate from A to Z in the development of adobe blocks for the construction of typical houses

The most exotic and enriching experience in which a traveler in the Andes can take part is undoubtedly the “Qori Mama” trek.

This excursion owes its name to the golden reflections of the mountains depending on the illumination of the sun. It consists of accompanying a group of villagers to the heights to collect the different “ingredients”. These will be used to make the adobe blocks. Adobe is the material traditionally used for the construction of houses throughout the Sacred Valley and several other regions of Peru.

Thus, after collecting straw in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, surrounded by valleys of resplendent colors, you will learn how to make adobe blocks by mixing earth, water, and straw, all in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. In the evening you will share a frugal meal and will certainly enjoy some traditional music. Unless that evening your hosts decide to tell you Andean myths and legends…

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