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Protect yourself from mosquitoes

As in all tropical countries, it is good to take precautions against mosquitoes before setting out to conquer the tourist treasures of Peru.

 What to put in your suitcases? Here are some tips that will be useful when preparing your luggage.


To protect against mosquito bites, it is best to pack outfits that roughly cover the surface of the body like long-sleeved tops, long pants, etc. However, we must not forget that in Peru the sun is always there. So, to immerse yourself in the tropical atmosphere of the place, especially in the oceanic part, it is better to favor lighter clothes. If you insist on wearing fairly short outfits, impregnate them with repellent lotion before exploring the country’s natural sites. This precautionary habit is especially recommended if you have planned a short getaway in the forest.

mosquito repellent bracelets

To keep mosquitoes away, wearing a mosquito repellent bracelet also offers optimal protection. With a repellent action, it is specially composed of substances that repel these insects. This accessory is available on online para pharmacies. In general, it protects you from mosquitoes 24 hours a day and during a stay that can last up to a month. Practical, it is not bulky. To avoid stings, just wear it on your wrist and you’re done. Sometimes, this type of bracelet is offered with charging shells. Thanks to these, it can protect you from mosquitoes for several more weeks.

The spray

The spray is one of the mosquito repellents that work effectively. Whether sprayed on the skin or on the clothes, it is always recommended to prevent biting insects. This product is often recognized for its long-term effect. Sometimes it resists washing. Thanks to him, small gestures will be enough for you to prevent mosquitoes from approaching you. Lightweight, it slips easily into shoulder bags or travel bags. So, during your tailor-made tour in Peru, you can take it with you everywhere without getting in the way.

The mosquito net

During the night, mosquitoes are often very active. This is why it is preferable to have an unperforated mosquito net close at hand, that is to say always in good condition. Indeed, even if the luxury hotel rooms have them, it is better to use your own mosquito net impregnated with insecticide to keep mosquitoes at bay while you sleep.

Mosquito repellent candles

During the night, do you rather like the romantic atmosphere? In this case, a mosquito repellent candle is an accessory to insert in your luggage. Thanks to it, you can ward off biting insects while enjoying a fragrant and blue flower atmosphere. In most cases, this type of candle can protect you from mosquito bites for 20 hours.



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